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Südtirol Ultra Skyrace
Extreme running race along the high mountain trail
Extreme running race - Sarntaler Alps

Südtirol Ultra Skyrace
121 KM // 7.554 HM

// START: Friday,26th August 2022 - XX:XX PM, Bolzano
// FINISH: Sunday, 28th August 2022 - XX:XX AM, Bolzano, Prati del Talvera
// RACE DURATION: 40 hours



Circuit Südtirol Ultra Skyrace

The starting line is in Bolzano, the capital of the province. From there, the circuit rises through the Renon plateau to the Sarentino pass and reaches the Cross of Lazfons, the highest pilgrimage destination in Europe. Next, it continues to the Forcella Vallaga Mountain Refuge at the Pennes border crossing, which is the halfway point in the race. The athletes then travel on very narrow trails and tackle uphill and downhill sections through the Giogo di Frane ridge to Valley of Sopramonte (Oberberg) and Valley of Sottomonte, Alpler Nieder and Punta Cervina Mountain Refuge (Hirzerhütte). The circuit then extends to the highest point of the race, the Giogo Piatto ridge (2698 mt) below Punta Cervina, which at 2781 metres is the highest mountain in the Sarentino Alps. At this point, contestants must deal with a long downhill section that stretches along San Pancrazio Lake (Kratzberger See) and finally reaches the Kesselberg Refuge. From here, athletes continue over a series of ups and downs that pass by the Omini di Sasso (Stoanerne Mandln) stone statues and extend along the San Genesio Ridge through the Salto Plateau to the town of San Genesio. The race ends with a demanding downhill tract that passes Castel Rafenstein (Castel Sarentino) until it reaches the finish line on the Talvera fields in Bolzano.

Qualifying Race, Südtiroler Ultra Skyrace


Südtirol Ultra Skyrace is officially recognized as a qualifying race for
the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc®

Südtirol Ultra Skyrace - 121 KM: 
5 points (new scale) - 6 points (old scale)