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Südtirol Ultra Skyrace
Extreme running race along the high mountain trail
Gewinner 2015 - Annemarie Groß, Alexander Rabensteiner

Organization and services

The SÜDTIROL ULTRA SKYRACE is organized by the amateur sports club Südtirol Ultra Skyrace, in partnership with SPORTLER, DYNAFIT, SÜDTIROL MARKETING, RAIFFEISENKASSE, and the MUNICIPALITIES OF BOLZANO and SARENTINO.

Delivery of race bibs and packets
The documentation relating to the competition can be picked up in Sarnthein, GRW-Office (Kirchplatz 10) on Friday, 27th August from 04:00 pm – 07:00 pm and Bozen, fields of Talvera (starting area) on Saturday, 28th August 2021 from 06:00 am. The package will not be sent through the mail.

Lockers, accommodation, massages and showers in Bolzano
Locker rooms and showers are available in the sports complex. Map of Bolzano.

Locker rooms and showers in Sarentino
Locker rooms and showers are available in the sports complex. A massage service is available in the tent at the finish line. Map of Sarentino.

Visitors and chaperones
The Südtirol Ultra Skyrace will offer a unique experience to visitors and chaperones, too.

Hiking Bus

Award ceremony, on Sunday, 29.08.2021 in Bolzano, at Talvera river lawns
Starting at 11:00 am

Ranking and awards
Individuals rankings will be created for each competition and its respective category. For more details, consult the relevant regulations.

Race results
The lists are available on www.datasport.ch

How to reach us
Our green contribution: all departures and destinations can be reached by public transport.
Timetable to Bolzano-Sarentino.

Where to park
There are many underground car garages around the starting area, in the center of Bolzano. Free or paid parking in the Talvera river lawns area in Bolzano, subject to availability. Free parking in the center of Sarentino, subject to availability.

The event will take place rain or shine. The organizers reserve the right to cancel, stop or suspend the competition for important reasons, particularly related to security issues. In this case, participants will not be entitled to receive a reimbursement of fees previously paid.

Participation terms
The organizers or their representatives and proxies are not responsible for damages and injuries of any kind arising from participation in the Südtirol Ultra Skyrace, Skyrace, Sky Marathon and Sky Trail, unless such circumstances result from fraud or wilful misconduct. This exclusion of liability does not apply to damages that compromise life, physical integrity and health.
Personal data provided at the time of registration will be stored and processed for the implementation and management of the event.
By registering, participants give their consent to the registration of their data for this purpose. Furthermore, for the purpose of communicating the race results, participants accept the publication of their data on the Internet.

Data protection
Personal data provided by participants at the time of registration will be recorded and processed for the sole purpose of implementing and managing the event. By registering, participants give their consent to the registration of their data. Participants agree that their personal data collected will be passed on to third parties in order to collect race timing, compile and communicate result rosters, and add the latter to the homepage. By registering, the organizer undertakes to publish these data on all the main media (homepage, press and Internet).
By registering, participants accept that their personal data provided in the registration form will be recorded and that photos and videos made during the Südtirol Ultra Skyrace, Skyrace, Sky Marathon and Sky Trail are used and published without any right to compensation.

Participants are also invited to review the privacy policy of our partner DATASPORT AG at the following link: https://www.datasport.com/en/privacy-statement/


Perfect regeneration with sports massages

Sport consists of 2 parts: Exercise and regeneration.

Because of this we arrange a motivated and competent team of massage therapists and physiotherapists for our runners. To make this important regeneration phase as ideal as possible, all participants can look forward to a well-earned sports massage. The participants in the SÜDTIROL ULTRA SKYRACE and the SÜDTIROL SKYRACE also have the opportunity to let their muscles be loosened at various stations during the race itself 

These regeneration measures are FREE OF CHARGE for all athletes!

Massage stations

Südtirol Skymarathon - 42.2 km // 2,863 m altitude differential
Sarentino (finish)

Südtirol Skyrace - 69 km // 3,930 m altitude differential
Sarentino (intermediate station after 42 kilometres)
Bolzano (finish)

Südtirol Ultra Skyrace - 121 km // 7,554 m altitude differential
Passo di Pennes (intermediate station after 60 kilometres)
Rifugio Punta Cervina (intermediate station after 85 kilometres)
Bolzano (finish)