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Südtirol Ultra Skyrace
Extreme running race along the high mountain trail

Jung and Kemenater are the king and the queen of the Südtirol Ultra Skyrace

Bolzano, 29 July 2017  - In 2017 as well, the winner of the hardest trail race in the Alps is Daniel Jung. The 34 year old from Laces completed the course of 121 km and 7554 m altitude differential along the Hufeisentour trail in the Sarentino Alps with a time of 18:33.12 hours. For the women, Maria Kemenater from Sarentino won the race. In 21:58.18 hours the 46 year old missed the track record by only 25 seconds. 

After the start of the 5th Südtirol Ultra Skyrace, at 8 p.m. in Piazza Walther in Bolzano, Daniel Jung started like the clappers. Together with Philipp Reiter (Bad Reichenhall, Germany) he lead the about 210 runners dictating the speed. After the control track Corno del Renon, Jung increased the speed, at Passo Pennes he was about 20 minutes faster than last year and at the malga Ebenberg he preceded his competitors by almost one hour. From KM 75, though, the athlete from Val Venosta had to pay the price for the efforts of the last weeks: two weeks ago Jung had taken part in the Eiger Ultra Trail and not yet completely recovered.

"Today I risked it all. After KM 75 I had a crisis which went on until the finish. From that moment, I did no longer care about the time, I only wanted to finish the Südtirol Ultra Skyrace", Jung who dedicated his victory to his sister, explained. On Saturday she celebrated her birthday. "If I had broken the record, now I would be a great hero. So I am a... small hero", happily says Daniel Jung, who reached the finish at Prati del Talvera after 18:33.12 hours. The second place went to Philipp Reiter from Bavaria, who recorded a delay on Jung of 50 minutes. With Oswald Wenin from Val d'Ultimo, rank three went to another South Tyrolean. The 52 year old from Santa Valburga ran a time of 19:37.39 hours.  

Kemenater keeps it under 22 hours

Just like for the men, the women performed a start-finish victory. Maria Kemenater immediately set off at the lead of the participants and ran a lonely race. For a long time the 46 year old seemed to be able to break the track record, but after 121 km and an altitude differential of 7554 m she missed it by very little. "If I had known, I would not have stopped at the last catering point and kept on running instead", declared the happy winner who triumphed on the middle distance last year.

Maria Kemenater won with a big advance. On second position closed the french ultra-runner Melanie Rousset (24:56.28), third Vroni Heidrich from Germany (25:06.35). Three time winner Annemarie Gross from Merano had to break off the race at the Passo Pennes due to stomach problems.  

Daniela Oemus broke the course record of the Südtirol Skyrace

Stefan Tschurtschenthaler from Sesto prevailed in the medium distance of the Südtirol Skyrace (69 km/3930 m altitude differential) that started in the morning on Prati del Talvera. Agnes Tschurtschenthaler's elder brother won in 7:34.49 hours leaving Alfred Psenner (Collepietra) on the second place. Mattia Depaoli from Vattaro in Trentino completed the podium. „Victory was quite unexpected to me. First I was in the lead, then I was overtaken, finally I could fight back and get to the lead and in the end I won“, told Tschurtschenthaler, who was assisted by his wife Irene Senfter – last year's winner of the Ultra Skyrace.

The women's category was won by Daniela Oemus from Kahla near Jena. The 28 year old from Germany, who had been German champion on 10,000 metres and in cross, set a new fabulous record of 8:32.12 hours. "Really a great race. In Sarentino I think the whole village was there – I have never seen such a participation in Germany, not even in bigger towns", said the winner of the Rennsteiglauf 2016, where she also set a record. The second place went to Regina Spieß from Sarentino like last year. She improved her time by almost an hour and finished in 9:04.28 hours. Rank three went to the winner of the Südtirol Sky Marathons 2016, Birgit Klammer from Gherdeina Runners (9:06.37).    

Rohringer and Bortoluzzi win the Südtirol Sky Marathon

The Südtirol Sky Marathon with a length of 42.2 km and an altitude differential of 2863 m went to Daniel Rohringer from Austria. The 27 year old from Gosau prevailed with a time of 4:14.49 hours, missing the course record set by Andreas Reiterer (Avelengo/4:01.41) by far. At Corno del Renon, Rohringer was 12 minutes behind top favourite Hannes Perkmann, but managed to outrun him at Chiesetta del Morto. The local favourite, Perkmann from Sarentino, finished second in 4:17.32 hours. Third place went to Martin Psenner. The former international athlete of luge on natural track from Fiè reached the finish in 4:27.57 hours. „I didn't think I would ever reach Hannes. I managed my strength very well. Actually, my sport is ski mountaineering, but I am slowly changing to mountain running", explained the winner Daniel Rohringer in the finish.

The women’s race was won by Lorenza Bortoluzzi from Trentino. The 38 year old from Sarnonico, who finished third last year, won in 5:38.29 hours. Gertraud Höllrigl from Merano came second with a delay of 6.27 minutes on Bortoluzzi. Place three went to Antonia Winkler from Klagenfurt (Austria) who reached the finish in Sarentino in 5:49.44 hours.  

The Südtirol Ultra Skyrace still is in progress. For completing the 121 kilometres and 7554 metres of altitude differential, the extreme runners have time until Sunday midday. 

Südtirol Ultra Skyrace 2017, results

Südtirol Ultra Skyrace, men:
1. Daniel Jung (Gore Running Wear) 18:33.12
2. Philipp Reiter (Salomon SC Running) 19:23.20
3. Oswald Wenin (Telmekom Team Südtirol) 19:37.39
4. Luca Ambrosini (Südtirol Ultra Skyrace Team) 20:09.09
5. Jens Kramer (Steinegg) 20:30.34

Südtirol Ultra Skyrace, women:
1. Maria Kemenater (ASC LF Sarntal) 21:58.18
2. Melanie Rousset (Team WAA) 24:56.28
3. Vroni Heidrich (Bergzeit) 25:06.35
4. Klara Bajec (Krim) 25:40.56
5. Katja von der Burg (Asics Frontrunner) 28:41.58

Südtirol Skyrace, men:
1. Stefan Tschurtschenthaler (ASV Jenesien Soltnflitzer) 7:34.49
2. Alfred Psenner (Telmekom Team) 7:45.25
3. Mattia Depaoli (ASD senza freni) 7:47.15
4. Henri Lehkonen (Gone Running) 8:02.30
5. Anton Eisenstecken (SG Eisacktal) 8:08.16

Südtirol Skyrace, women:
1. Daniela Oemus (SV Blau-Weiß Bürgel) 8:32.12
2. Regina Spieß (ASC LF Sarntal) 9:04.28
3. Birgit Klammer (Gherdeina Runners) 9:06.37
4. Julie Quinn (Australien) 9:13.18
5. Katrin Vock (Luzern) 9:15.16

Südtirol Sky Marathon, men:
1. Daniel Rohringer (Mammut Team Austria) 4:14.49
2. Hannes Perkmann (Sportler Team) 4:17.32
3. Martin Psenner (ASC LF Sarntal) 4:27.57
4. Stefan Keim (ASV Gossensaß Skialp) 4:31.50
5. Dario Steinacher (Telmekom Team) 4:36.38

Südtirol Sky Marathon, women:
1. Lorenza Bortoluzzi (Maddalene Sky Team) 5:38.29
2. Gertraud Höllrigl (SC Meran) 5:44.56
3. Antonia Winkler (Kelag Energy Run) 5:49.44
4. Karolina Rosa Thaler (ASC LF Sarntal) 5:56.38
5. Elisabeth Laimer (Full Sport Meran) 6:05.30

Full results here!

Foto: Harald Wisthaler

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