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Südtirol Ultra Skyrace
Extreme running race along the high mountain trail

Important information for all athletes

Only a few days, and the starting pistol for the 5th edition of the Südtirol Ultra Skyrace will be fired. Today we inform you on the last news and important details.

Three races, three different starts – the program
Reminder: The Südtirol Ultra Skyrace (121 km/7554 hm) starts on Friday, 28 July at 8 pm from Waltherplatz square in Bolzano/Bozen. The Südtirol Skyrace (69 km/3930 D+) starts Saturday, 29 July at 7 am from the start/finish area on Prati del Talvera/Talferwiesen in Bolzano/Bozen. The Südtirol Sky Marathon (42,2 km/2863 D+) starts Saturday, 29 July at 7.30 am from the start/finish area on Prati del Talvera/Talferwiesen in Bolzano/Bozen. Here the detailed program!

Bib distribution
The bibs and start packages are distributed Friday 28 July from 10 am to 7 pm at the SPORTLER Flagship Store – Lauben/Portici 1 – Bolzano/Bozen. For all athletes the conference room in the Hotel Kolping – Via Kolping 3 – Bolzano is opened to stopover during the whole day of Friday. The participants of the Südtirol Skyrace and the Südtirol Sky Marathon can pick up the start packages also on Saturday 29 July from 5 am in the start/finish area on Prati del Talvera/Talferwiesen in Bolzano/Bozen.

Map Südtirol Ultra Skyrace
Map Südtirol Skyrace  
Map Südtirol Sky Marathon

Pastaparty & Briefing
The pasta party, where all participants can fill up their carbohydrate reserves, starts Friday 28 July at 5 pm at the Hotel Kolping – Via Kolping 3 – Bolzano. The briefing is held 6 pm. It is mandatory for each participant of the Südtirol Ultra Skyrace. The briefing for the Südtirol Skyrace and the Südtirol Sky Marathon is held on Saturday 29 July 6.30 am. In this regard, please read the Rules of the race once again. If anything is not clear, please ask explicitly at the briefing.

Backpack control
Not only at the start but also during the race random controls are made to check if the participants take the prescribed equipment with them. If something should not abide to the rules, the sanctions listed in the rules will be levied. We also remind you that at the refreshment points there are no plastic cups.

Medical certificate
Some registered participants have not yet sent their medical certificate to the organizing committee. Please send it URGENTLY via email or fax (+39 0471 620438). Participation is only possible with a valid medical certificate. Please bring your medical certificate to the bib distribution.

Stick to the course
Along the course track marshals are positioned. They will control exactly whether the athletes stick to the prescribed course or not, and in case of an irregularity they will immediately inform the race direction. It's also for your own safety that we call on the participants to stick to the course prescriptions. The broom car will only be on its way only on the marked course.

Don't forget: separate hotline for emergencies
Should anything not be clear during the race or in an emergency, simply phone our new hotline. You can reach the race management at any time from the start of the race (Friday, 28 July from 8 pm) until the last participant has returned (Sunday, 30 July at 12 am) by dialling +39 0471 1889720.

In various points of the race and at the finish area we offer massages for free. Take some minute to groom yourself – it’s very important. At the refreshment points, this year, we offer more salted food.

Photo service
For three years now the photographers of the Digital Video Photo Club Val Sarentino have been working with us free of charge. The photographers catch the most moving moments. And the best part of it: they offer the photos to all participants free of charge. Anyone interested can view and download them from our Flickr channel.

Shuttle service
There is a shuttle service from Sarentino to Bolzano available for all participants of the Südtirol Sky Marathon.

If you have any further questions about the Südtirol Ultra Skyrace contact us anytime via email. We are looking forward to the race. Good luck!

Your Südtirol Ultra Skyrace Organising Committee

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