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Südtirol Ultra Skyrace
Extreme running race along the high mountain trail

Services included

Perfect regeneration with sports massages

Sport consists of 2 parts: Exercise and regeneration.

Because of this we arrange a motivated and competent team of massage therapists and physiotherapists for our runners. To make this important regeneration phase as ideal as possible, all participants can look forward to a well-earned sports massage. The participants in the SÜDTIROL ULTRA SKYRACE and the SÜDTIROL SKYRACE also have the opportunity to let their muscles be loosened at various stations during the race itself 

These regeneration measures are FREE OF CHARGE for all athletes!


Massage stations

Südtirol Skymarathon - 42.2 km // 2,863 m altitude differential
Sarentino (finish)

Südtirol Skyrace - 69 km // 3,930 m altitude differential
Sarentino (intermediate station after 42 kilometres)
Bolzano (finish)


Südtirol Ultra Skyrace - 121 km // 7,554 m altitude differential
Passo di Pennes (intermediate station after 60 kilometres)
Rifugio Punta Cervina (intermediate station after 85 kilometres)
Bolzano (finish)