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Südtirol Ultra Skyrace
Extreme running race along the high mountain trail

100 days to the Südtirol Ultra Skyrace: Four trail queens at the start

100 days to the Südtirol Ultra Skyrace: Four trail queens at the start

Bolzano, 19 April 2017 - It is exactly 100 days until the start of the fifth edition of the Südtirol Ultra Skyrace (121 kilometres/7554 m altitude differential). At this extreme mountain run along the Hufeisen Tour in the Sarntal Alps 4 top women athletes will be at the start, two of whom have already won the South Tyrolean extreme sports event at least once.

Annemarie Gross is of course already signed up for the jubilee edition of the Südtirol Ultra Skyrace. The athlete from Sarentino was at the start at every single edition since the first one in July 2013. The 47-year old came first three times on the extreme mountain race along the Hufeisen tour in the Sarntal Alps and also holds the track record of 1:57.53 hours. Last year Gross “made do” with participating in the Sky Marathon (42,2/2863), which the ambassador of this extreme sporting event completed in second place. In the trail scene Annemarie Gross is a living legend. Her two victories at the renowned Tor de Geants (330 km/25.000) in Val d’Aosta in 2010 and 2011 are unforgotten and complement the countless other successes in other (mountain) runs in South Tyrol and abroad.

The weekend of 28 - 30 July has also been reserved for months for the Südtirol Ultra Skyrace in Irene Senfter’s calendar. The 45-year old from Lana triumphed last year on the original route and won the extreme mountain race for the first time. Senfter ran a time of 23:56.1 hours. For Irene Senfter it was the second time she stood on the podium for the Hufeisen tour. At the very first edition in 2013 she came in in third place.  

Cristiana Follador has participated in three Südtirol Ultra Skyraces. In 2013 the 39-year old came fourth. In the subsequent two years Follador had to give up the extreme mountain run before reaching the finish. This year she is determined to try again: The athlete who is a member of the Italian national trail running team and who came 25th at the World Championships in Portugal last year, is aiming for her first place on the podium at the Südtirol Ultra Skyrace.

Francesca Canepa, on the other hand, is at the start for the first time. Like Annemarie Gross the 45-year old from Val d’Aosta is one of Italy’s most well-known trail runners. The list of her successes is long: Like Gross Francesca Canepa won the Tor de Geants twice (2012 and 2013), was right at the front at the Lavaredo Ultra Trail and the Eiger Ultra Trail, came second at the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc and delivered an impressive performance at last year’s premiere of the 4K endurance trail in Val d’Aosta.

“I am delighted that there are already so many high calibre women signed up 3 1/2 months before the sound of the start gun. Our athlete management around Thomas Stricker and Ulrich Gross has been working very hard towards this in the last weeks and months. Registrations levels are generally very good. So far, 267 athletes from 20 countries have registered. With this we are well up on last year’s registrations”, explains Chair of the Organising Committee  Josef Günther Mair.

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Südtirol Ultra Skyrace is officially recognized as a qualifying race
for the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc®

Qualifying Race, Südtiroler Ultra Skyrace

Südtirol Ultra Skyrace 2016 - 121 KM: 
6 points (new scale) - 4 points (old scale)

Südtirol Skyrace 2016 - 69 KM: 
4 points (new scale) - 2 points (old scale)

Südtirol Sky Marathon 2016 - 42,2 KM: 
3 points (new scale) - 1 point (old scale)

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